Radial By Design Studios is a place where you can record your music on professional gear, relax while munching on some home-made goodies, and take comfort in knowing that you’re making the most out of your sessions because we understand the importance of a relaxed environment while staying productive.

A description of our parameters would be…

Twenty-four tracks @ 24 bit on Allen and Heath ZEDr16 through Mac/PC/ProTools/Reason/Albelton on 4 LCDs w/ an Axiom 49 key controller.  One room isolated for drums and tracking inside another room for tracking musicians across from the control room w/ video monitoring.


Our rates are affordable and you do get what you pay for because we offer pre-production or on-site consultations for advice and proper planning of your project.  We’re open just about anytime you need us to be, but you must book you time in advance to gain access to the facility.

High value is placed on the sonic quality.  We are not here to change your music, however, we can if you want.

Our work philosophy is technical procedure meets artistic expression.  We are all artists waiting to express ourselves…we just need a medium that is comfortable and productive.